The Worst Diet Excuses for Not Eating Healthy

Worst Diet Excuses for Not Eating Healthy. We’ve all come up with excuses not to diet, or even starting one in the first place. Sometimes it’s not easy to stick to healthy foods. You’re going to come across times when you either stick to your diet plan or give in to your unhealthy food cravings and bad eating habits. Many of us can easily find reasons why we can’t or won’t eat healthy.

Worst Diet Excuses

Your diet should be a commitment to success. Below are a list of common diet excuses and why you should ignore them.

Worst Diet Excuses – I will start my diet tomorrow.

I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have heard this. Let’s be honest, when tomorrow comes we’ll say the same thing and never start to face our challenge. You have no control over tomorrow because it doesn’t exist. Start today and the tomorrows will become easier.

Diet Plans Don’t Work

If you start off with an attitude ‘Diets don’t work’ then it more than likely wont. You need to have self discipline and a positive approach. I found this quote a few years back and it always stuck in my mind. “All diet plans work – It’s only you that fails”. The key is finding a diet plan you enjoy and to adopt a sensible, healthy approach to what you eat.

I’m having a Bad Day

Don’t binge eat based on your emotions. We all have bad days and you need to find a better way to cope with stress, instead of giving in to temptation. When cortisol, your body’s main stress hormone is elevated it increases blood sugar levels. Adding sugary foods to the equation will not help and guaranteed to make you feel even worse after. Having a bad day – go for a walk and burn calories at the same time.

I Deserve a Treat

Why punish your body with unhealthy junk food as a reward! If you have kept to your diet and exercise plan then celebrate with a healthy treat. Who said that you can’t eat good food? There are plenty of delicious foods you can eat and enjoy while you continue to lose weight.

I’m already Overweight

Being overweight doesn’t mean you always have to be! It isn’t a matter of whether or not you’re overweight but what you plan to do about it. Keep motivated, and surround yourself with positive role models that will support you.

It’s only 20% Fat

When I go shopping I prefer to look for a much higher and full fat option! 20% fat doesn’t necessarily make it healthy. I’m on a ketogenic diet which is high in fats, and low in carbohydrates. Always check the full ingredients and if you find it contains unhealthy additives – don’t make excuses to eat it.

I’m Overweight because its Genetic

Genetics may play a small part in your health and body but it doesn’t mean you don’t have the power to change it. Families can be obese through the generations not by genetics, but by passing down the same eating habits.

try your Diet Again

You will however, need to work harder to reduce your food intake and control your weight. Maintaining a healthy weight is possible, and healthy eating in the family can start today without excuses.

Live to Eat because Life’s too Short.

If you’re not eating healthy life could certainly be short! Learn and develop a taste for healthy foods and don’t forget to cut back on the quantity. Did you know obesity is the second leading cause of death which can be prevented.

I always say ‘Eat to Live’ and not ‘Live to Eat’. Life is not about suffering with obesity, diabetes and other major health complications.

Worst Diet Excuses – Summarise

If you are serious about losing weight stop making excuses and change to a healthier lifestyle. Change your mindset and set your course toward a successful weight loss program. Pay attention to what you eat and drink.

Remember, just because you don’t see the results after a day or even a week, don’t give up!

Andy T. Laird
I am the founder and owner of 'Lairds Lifestyle' to help you develop a healthier and more productive lifestyle. This includes Keto diets, intermittent fasting, workouts and of course sharing one of my favourite activities in life - Photography, from tutorials to hands on workshops!