Web Development Consultation and Design

An effective process to create a simple plan.

Web Development Consultation, and Design Singapore. I have developed websites in Singapore, and Thailand, to the UK. The first stage is to plan your website. A basic clear plan, how your website will be organised and it’s function, will make it easier to design enabling me to accomplish your goals. I will start with the home page, adding information and products and complete each additional page as I go. A great way to planning your site is to have a set of colored cards. Firstly, sort the cards into a logical order that would represent your websites navigation! You can then add notes onto the cards related to the content. This is an effective process creating a simple plan before the actual site design. Understanding what your products or services are will help us to establish the exact purpose and objectives, during the planning phase of your website.

  • What does your organisation do?
  • Who are your customers and potential customers?
  • What type of information and services do your customers need from your website?
  • Deliver the information and offer additional services through your website
  • What do your competitors offer via their websites?

Web Development Consultation – Services

Is your web site attracting visitors? Are your visitors finding what they are searching for? My consultation will assist in the planning phase to design a website that brings extraordinary results. I will give recommendations on how you can improve your web site’s visibility and ultimately, its return on investment. My free consultation about your website design should lead to draft the clear objectives, and design of your website. Before starting any website I offer FREE consultation. During the web design consultation I would like you to provide me with the following materials, including a few sample website URL’s you like:

  • Company Logo (or we can design one for you)
  • Literature or brochure
  • Business Card
  • Photographs
  • Recommendations from your clients
  • Any other supporting information that may be of use on your website

Web Development – Design

Designing your website from HTML to CMS! We use the skills necessary to turn the planning phase into a website that is content-rich using popular web design and development tools such Photoshop, and Affinity Designer. I develop websites using professional graphics, headings and logos that are easy to navigate. I can also advise on the best kind of website, for your needs. If you would like to create a blog, build a community or only 5 pages, I have extensive knowledge to develop your WordPress website and more!

  1. Make the look and feel of your website as part of your business
  2. Include images, logos and colors that reflect the personality of your brands and business
  3. Make links and page titles short, simple and meaningful for quick site navigation
  4. Keep images and graphics small in file size for quick downloading
  5. Use images that are appealing and attractive to compliment and enhance your content

Your website is your online presence and you should take care of it. First impression is last impression. If you loose your website visitors once, you usually don’t get them back!

If you’re looking for a WordPress in Singapore, Thailand, UK or anywhere else worldwide contact me today for more information!


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