Web Colour Schemes. Choosing the Right Colors for your Website

Web Colour Schemes. One of the first things visitors will notice when they view your website is color which is an important element to the design. Whenever you go to a restaurant one of the things you’d consider before tucking into your meal is the overall presentation.

Using the right colors will increase your appetite or in this instance enhance the content of your website to have a positive effect on your readers. A web color scheme should be chosen to compliment your services or products using tones that work well together.

If you have a poor collection of colours visitors will leave your site no matter how good the content may be. A web trend that started around 2005 was inverted colours (light text on a dark background). I have always found this web design concept difficult to read especially if the web developer uses bright colours.

I am criticizing the readability of the web pages and not the artistic visibility. My personal choice is to find colours that work well with each other, without straining the eyes. The default web colour schemes for most pages, is black text on a white background. However, I prefer to tone the colours down; perhaps a Web Colour Schemes of dark grey font on a light coloured page making it easier to read especially for those with impaired vision. I also choose 2 – 3 colours which I use consistently throughout the website creating a chromatic harmony.

If you have an on line shop I would always recommend to de-saturate the colours so the readers eyes are mostly attracted the the products being sold.

If you are not sure on a colour scheme why not go for black on white adding the images and text first. Perhaps after this you could edit the css style sheet creating a theme to match the content.

Web Colour Schemes Safe Colours

If you are looking for web safe colours or a simple guide there are numerous sites that provide pallets and color combination schemes. These sites were developed to help you find the perfect colour combination. One of my favourites is DeGrave where you paste in the URL to your image and match the palette accordingly!

Whatever web colour schemes you choose for your website, ensure you view the pages with a sceptical eye before publishing. Remember, if it’s hard to read visitors will just move on.

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