Unique Landscape Photography Workshops

Landscape Photography Workshops

Landscape Photography Workshops. Capturing landscapes in a single shot can be very challenging. We’ll teach you how to produce beautiful images, by providing you with the essential tools and techniques of landscape photography.

From detailed cityscapes, architectural images, to incredible night scenes, we will transform your photography into creating, captivating, images.

By learning all the basics, you’ll be more comfortable on location, so you can enjoy the scenery, develop a healthier lifestyle and shoot amazing photos.

Landscape Photography Workshops Include:

  • Using and understanding the right photography equipment
  • Selecting the right location and time before shooting landscapes
  • Understanding how composition improves your photography
  • Learning your camera settings (aperture and shutter speeds)
  • Knowing how and when to use filters (ND and Polarisers)
  • Learn how light affects your shots and how to correctly expose
  • Understanding ‘bracket shooting’ and the best times to use it
  • LightRoom Introduction to enhance your shots

Landscape photography can be very rewarding, once you understand the basics. Our Landscape Photography Courses are mostly 20% theory and 80% hands-on. We can take you to some picturesque locations which could include; national parks, monuments, temples and ancient ruins.

Landscape Photography Packages

Everything can be arranged for you including food, beverage and transportation, to give you a trouble-free photo shoot under our ever-present guidance.

Why not contact us today for more information and improve your landscape photography. Even better subscribe to my newsletter and if I happen to be in your area come and join me! I love talking photography and sharing what I have learnt over the years and I’m sure to learn something from you too!

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Andy T. Laird

Andy T. Laird

I am a passionate and committed photographer. My strength is my desire to express creativity through my images. I offer strong and continuous support to anyone that loves photography or wanting a healthier and more productive lifestyle. I also promote health and fitness in the hope to inspire you to make the right changes in transforming your life.

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