Tilt Shift Photography for Awesome Miniature Effects

Tilt Shift Photography

Tilt Shift Photography Tips and Tricks. This kind of photography is a technique that uses a special configuration within your camera or software enabling you to capture scenes in miniature scale. Shooting a simple scene is best as this recreates a much better model scenario. For us older photographers you may remember your first train set or toy soldiers in which very little detail especially on the faces could be seen!

This is what we are trying to create in the photograph. Usually it is best to shoot from above to get a better depth of field. To get the effect of looking down on a tiny model try not to shoot directly on top but at a slight angle!

The top and bottom of your image will be blurred so ensure your focal point is sharp. The less going on the better the shot! Make sure the scene is interesting as arial photos of flat top buildings are not as good compared to perhaps a church!

Tilt Shift Lens

You can get a tilt-shift lens which changes/adjusts perspective ideal for buildings and adjust selective focus. This photographic perspective control lens allows the photographer to control the appearance of perspective in the image by adjusting the lens parallel to the sensor, providing the equivalent of corresponding view camera movements.

This effect can easily be created in most photographic software such as Photoshop. This can be found by navigating to Filter, Blur and then Tilt Shift. You will then be taken to a preview panel with all the controls in the top left panel. This filter works extremely well!

Most cameras now have this effect built in making it much easier to create the tilt shift photography effects without photographic software including applications on mobile phone cameras. My old camera – Sony A7R II has this in the ‘creative effects’ and can be really fun to use!

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