Photoshop on iPad for Mobile Photographers

Photoshop on iPad

It’s a wonderful world out there for mobile photographers. We’ve come a long way from the days of film photography, with digital cameras and instant results changing the way we capture photos. Over the years this has continued to evolve and the process of photography has become even faster with the advent of smart phones.

The idea to put a camera in a portable device was probably one of the most significant technological advances there has ever been.

Nowadays, mobile photography is such a prominent art form that there are even magazines and publications dedicated to it. Phones are capable of housing cameras that possess flash, zoom features and contain up to 48 megapixels, rivalling that of professional cameras by longstanding companies such as Canon or Nikon.

The one thing that hasn’t been available for mobile shooters however, is the editing giant that is Photoshop. Until recently, that is.

Photoshop for iPad

Photoshop for iPad has long been talked about, but has finally hit the market… to divisive reception. Launching a mobile version of a decades old computer app was always going to split opinion, but it can’t be denied that Photoshop for the iPad lacks many of the features we’ve come to know in our desktop counterpart.

It’s been marketed as “Real Photoshop” but not “Full Photoshop”; Adobe is releasing a limited version 1.0 to kick things off before the full package in 2020.

That’s all well and good, but users are going to assess what they’ve paid for now, not what they’ll have next year.

The iPad Photoshop sticks to the traditional format of having a toolbar, but quite a few tools are missing, such as the pen tool and the animation line. Being on a smaller screen without the same options, users will have to find different ways of applying familiar features such filters, layers and image adjustments which are all located at the top in Adobe’s desktop version.

Still, there are plenty of interesting and convenient features that the iPad version has to offer.

Photoshop for iPad Creative Cloud

Adobe has been making sure all their content is streamlined towards compatibility with their “Creative Cloud” (CC), and the mobile version of this app has huge potential for this. When you create a PSD file on the iPad version, you have the option to save it as a PSDC (cloud version) which is then auto saved onto your creative cloud account.

Through this, you can save your work and open it onto another desktop device with CC enabled and work on it there, or even more impressively, work on a file live across multiple devices via the Creative Cloud. The future is now!

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