My 5 Bad Eating Habits I Finally Stopped

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These were my 5 Bad eating Habits I finally managed to stop. Obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes 2, are all mostly caused from bad eating. Junk food, snacking, and emotional eating are just a few. We can easily fall into these bad routines and it wasn’t until my health severely deteriorated that I started to recognise these 5 bad habits and do something about it.

My Bad Eating Habits

By recognising them was my first step to a healthier lifestyle. I soon learned it’s not just about what I ate but how much I ate and when!

Consuming Too Many Carbohydrates

Consuming excessive carbs increases your blood sugar and contribute to numerous health problems. This includes refined carbs and starches such as bread, rice, potatoes. Let’s be honest, I still think carb’s taste delicious and do keep your cells energised unless – you’re on a Keto diet like myself.

Too Many Carbohydrates

If you do not want to get into Keto diet then why not consider healthier sources of carbohydrates, like whole grains, and vegetables, instead of processed and refined ones like white bread or candies. I always found that I needed to eat a lot more carbs to satisfy my hunger.  Usually after eating, an hour or so later I would be hungry again. Being Diabetic 2, it was important to stabilise my blood sugar levels and eating too many carbs could never help me do this.

Eating while I was doing something

This used to be one of my worst habits! I’d sit at my computer and work while eating. I’d easily sit through a whole cake, packets of cookies and just about anything my wife would put in-front of me. This includes playing video games or watching tv. Being distracted means you’re more likely to overeat and let’s not forget sitting doesn’t use energy or burn calories.

Getting away from the distractions (tv, Computer etc), socialising and practicing mindful eating enabled me to enjoy my food a whole lot more!

5 bad eating habits

Eating when you were not hungry to begin with

Eating because I know it tastes good and not because I needed it. Quite simply, I’d walk past a local store, coffee shop or bakery and notice my favourite packet of cookies, cake or perhaps even a burger. I know it tastes good so I’d venture inside, purchase and eat all these favourite foods of mine. However, you wasn’t hungry to begin with. I only ate it because I loved the taste! This lead to my overeating disorder. I soon learned there’s no need to deprive myself of certain foods especially if it was healthy. I now eat my meals at regular times and recognised my weaknesses.

It’s not normal not to feel hungry. Wait until it’s time to eat or when your body tells you it’s hungry

Emotional Eating and Making Excuses

Any time I had an argument with my partner I couldn’t can’t wait to open that tub of ice-cream. Positive and negative emotions, are known to cause people to eat more. If you’re stressed or having problems talk to a friend or relative.

Better still, go for walk and burn a few calories. Anything is better than raiding the fridge which of course does’s solve anything, and will definitely make you feel even worse after. If you feel guilt or shame after eating this may be a sign emotional hunger.

Eating Extremely Large Portions

I used to call it ‘pigging out’ and loved eating at buffets. This will store all those extra calories as fat and slow down your metabolism (converting what you eat and drink into energy. Frequent overeating may indicate a binge eating disorder (BED) in which case you may need to work with your doctor or dietitian.

Eat your food slowly and use smaller plates and don’t forget to watch your portions at restaurants. Avoid the buffets and choose the healthier, food options on the menu. Sometimes I do miss those buffets and there is one time I will break this – for one day every I will break this and enjoy – my Christmas buffet. One day a year can’t be bad!

My 5 Bad Eating Habits – Conclusion

Remember, it’s not just about what you eat but the quantity you eat. The best diet which worked for me was actually quite simple. I eat Keto foods combined with intermittent fasting. This solved all the above bad eating habits; reducing my blood sugar, clearing diabetes, losing lots of weight and getting back in the gym! It’s never too late for a healthy Laird’s Lifestyle!

You should always consult with a physician before beginning and diet, or fitness routine etc especially if you have pre-existing health conditions or are pregnant.

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