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Adobe LightRoom CC Review! Adobe don’t half like to make life confusing for us. After branding all of their previously available programs with “CC” after their new “Creative Cloud” system, they’re now rolling out mobile versions of said programs on smart phones and mobile devices, re-marketing them as apps.

This has lead to them going back and renaming previous products in an effort to differentiate them from their new shiny mobile counterparts. Take for example, the new app Lightroom CC for mobile. The name wouldn’t be a problem had they not already had a pre-existing Lightroom CC. This makes the old, desktop version now called Lightroom Classic CC. Ahhh, the difference is… not that different.

That is, on the surface at least. Lightroom CC (which from here on in we’ll refer to as Lightroom Mobile in an effort to squash confusion) is heavily based on its predecessor, but contains many different features and ways of doing things.

With the recent release of Photoshop CC for mobile garnering some mixed reviews, you may be wondering, is Lightroom Mobile worth it?

If it’s a yes or no question, the answer is yes. The free version is at least, anyway. Without even paying, you can download a version of Lightroom onto your mobile device that lets you perform all the basic functions; adjust hue/saturation, change colours, resize images, apply filters, and loads more.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or more experienced, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into to makes it worth the download. You essentially have a professional photo-editing app on your phone for absolutely no cost.

Lightroom CC Premium Features

It’s not all goodwill and charity though. To access what Adobe deems as “Premium Features”, you’ll need to upgrade to Lightroom Premium. This is where the money comes in. Even if you’ve already paid for an Adobe CC subscription plan for desktop, you’ll need to pay again to obtain Lightroom Mobile Premium.

This may seem unnecessary, but understand that Adobe essentially market these two versions of Lightroom as two separate products. Indeed, although they’re related to each other, there are some key differences between the pair.

We’ll start off with the mobile app’s premium features. These are 8 key features that Adobe thinks it’s worth having to pay for, and for a few of them, I agree. I won’t go into them all but I’ll mention those that I think are most worthy.

The first and biggest is the ability to have Cloud Storage. It’s the key benefit to Lightroom Mobile – you get 1TB of online storage for your work.

Think about that, 1TB! That’s 1TB of space that you can keep free on your hardrive or computer for all your beloved memes. With this, they’re also backed up, should the program annoyingly crash while you’re working or if you happen to accidentally erase all your files (look, it happens).

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