Developing and Maintaining Your Website

Web development maintenance services Singapore, Thailand, UK or anywhere worldwide! Maintaining your website is as important as building it! Inclusive in our web development services, we offer a maintenance service; keeping your content fresh and maintaining your websites growth. A website should always be growing, changing and adapting to its visitors.

Our web site services includes regular site submission for registration with major search engines. These leading search engines, Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft, use crawlers to find pages for their algorithmic search results.

We can continue to adjust meta tags, text etc. to assist in getting your website to a high ranking. After all, what’s the point of publishing a site if nobody can find it!

We also guide you on the necessary procedures for maintaining your website.

Web Development Maintenance Hosting

If you decide not to use a hosting provider recommended by us you should undertake backing up your website regularly.

If your hosting server crashes or your site gets hacked; without any backup all your pages (edits) are gone!

Don’t forget to keep your domain name registration records up to date too. We highly recommend using LightningBase website hosting where you may read my review.

Should you change your email address and not update this on your domain name you may not receive your domain expiry notice! My budget starter websites are expandable, so as your business thrives and grows you can add more pages, images and information. If you’re ready to get your business on-line but your budget is holding you back, your waiting is over!

Did I forget to mention our website packages are not only affordable, but I will support your website needs continually as your business grows.

Starter Website Customer Service

Easy to understand tutorials to assist you! We will be adding tutorials to assist you with adding new posts, pages, images, SEO (search engine optimisation), embedding videos and much more. We also continue to develop an ongoing partnership with you and your company to ensure your on-line needs are fully catered for.