Andy T. Laird

LightRoom CC

Is There Much To See in Lightroom CC?

Adobe don’t half like to make life confusing for us. After branding all of their previously available programs with “CC” after their new “Creative Cloud”

Luminar Photo Editing Software Review

Luminar Photo Editing Software Review

Luminar Photo Editing Software Review. There’s no mistaking Luminar is powerful software, and works extremely well as a stand alone app. or plug-in to LightRoom, Photoshop,

HDR High Dynamic Range

HDR High Dynamic Range Photography

High-dynamic-range imaging (HDR) is a process used in photography to capture a greater dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas of an image. When

How to photograph pets

How to Photograph Your Pets Like a Pro

Photographing your Pet Tips and Tricks. Pet photography involves several aspects that are very similar to traditional studio portraits except one thing! Unlike us they

Portrait Photography

4 Approaches to Portrait Photography

Portraiture Approaches. There are essentially four approaches in photographic portraiture: constructionist, environmental, candid and creative. Each approach has been used over time for different reasons be they

Sony FE 2.8.16-35 G Master Lens Review

Sony 16-35 G-Master F/2.8 Review

Sony 16-35 G-Master Review. The Sony FE 2.8 16-35 GM is the latest addition to Sony’s premium lens lineup and costs around USD 2,300. After impatiently