About Laird’s Lifestyle and why I developed this website.

Andy T. Laird PortraitLaird’s Lifestyle has been developed to share my passions, and to inspire you, into a healthier and more productive lifestyle. It also provides reviews and opinions experienced throughout my life from health to photography!

At first glance, it may be a little confusing as to what this website is about! Laird’s Lifestyle may seem to have a strange collection of unrelated topics, but they have had a great impact on my life and are things I have a real passion about! So I thought, why not share them!

About Laird’s Lifestyle – Photography

I specialise mostly in landscape, architecture, wildlife, and portrait photography. I also teach post processing, hands on photography workshops, and share reviews on cameras and camera equipment such as lenses, bags etc.

The moment I first picked up a camera and held it in my hand, I knew what I was meant to do for the rest of my life. Photography has changed my way of life and made me appreciate what I once took for granted. What better rewards could I ever want” – Andy T. Laird

My photographic style is always relaxed and informal, but FUN.

Health Coaching and Fitness

I became a health coach to give people around me a better understanding of food and lifestyle choices. By promoting health and fitness, I hope to inspire you to make the right changes in transforming your life.

Health and Fitness

Fitness played an important part of my photography! From obesity to being back in the gym and I soon discovered it’s never too late to get healthy. I coach people and decided to write and post to share what I had discovered was the best and fastest ways to lose weight.

I am now back in the gym, pushing weights, and jogging up mountains. Well not quite mountains but I’m working on it.

Through extensive research combined with trial and error, I have managed to attain a healthy and more enjoyable lifestyle. This includes bringing down my blood sugar from diabetes 2 to normal, losing over 25K in weight, eliminating high blood pressure and much more. I want to share with you how I did this and include some mistakes I made along the way.

My healthier lifestyle took me outdoors, and travelling to different countries which lead me deeper into photography. Being healthy meant I was able to shoot in more remote places, focusing on landscape photography. This gave me a real sense of achievement, especially when reaching remote locations!

Website Development

With over 20 years experience in freelance, website design and development, I have added a category in Laird’s Lifestyle to include website hosting, design tips and much more although I mostly specialise in WordPress.

I love to share my knowledge while I continue to learn new styles and techniques from others around me. Please don’t forget to connect with me through your social media platform and subscribe to this website.

Hint: Facebook is where you’ll find me most often.